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To start this off,  I wanted to give a general overview of the  purpose  of this blog.  As  you may or may not know “The Bristow Sequence” is my baby;  it  is a documentary  based  on a  number  system  I  came  up with, which is basically a matrix with a underlying mysterious code.  A true mathematical mystery  that  has been  giving   me  answers  to many of life’s great questions. This code has been  a source of my fascination and has had my attention for  many  years.  I’m  very  happy  to have  a  platform  to  share  my  personal revelations,  that  have  directly  come  from  the  sequence.  These numbers have changed my life,  as I see more and more connections to literally everything.  I truly believe it is the key to everything (no joke).

I want to share  some  background  on  the  production of this  project  to  bring everyone up to speed. The DVD documentary was released a couple  months  ago. It was quite a project, my friend and producer Seti Orion  worked  like  a  mad-man 16 hour days, we actually worked every waking hour!.. As I unfolded 25 years of research, the excitement just kept building and building with Seti fully understanding the impact of my project! we finished shooting, editing and the final  production  of  the  DVD in a little over a month.  The  whole  project  has been a huge learning experience along with many profound synchronicities that are hard to put into words on just how important I believe this project is.

I will be writing articles on various aspects of the Bristow Sequence & interacting with readers of this blog. To start I’m going to be posting a new article on the 1st of every month. I’m just getting feedback from some great people and will be posting their responses in future articles.

I look forward to hearing your feedback on “The Bristow  Sequence”.

Stay tuned, please subscribe and feel free to post  questions or comments.


Ted Bristow

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