About The Bristow Sequence

The 84 minute documentary is based on my own simple mathematical system using 2 double digit sums 12 & 15 as the KEY’s or multipliers applied to our 360 degree circle system.  The system ultimately ends up being a basic algebra equation resulting into what’s known as a “True Equation” because the equation works in multiple directions. Furthermore reveals an unexpected underlying mysterious code.  A true mathematical mystery.   This code has been a source of my fascination and has had my attention for many years.   My unique number system of simple calculations using elementary mathematics have changed my life in how I now see and understand the science of the natural world and our universe,  as I see more and more connections to literally everything.  I truly believe it is the key to everything and once you grasp the concept you won’t see things the same way either. (no joke).

I will be writing articles on various aspects of the Bristow Sequence & interacting with readers of this blog.

I look forward to hearing your feedback on “The Bristow  Sequence”.

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Ted Bristow

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