Some 10 years ago ted came in my shop and showed me his sequence and music wheel. I said, Ted! You have put simple math to music! Nobody has done this before, not like this! It’s great how everything just fits together. The most interesting point to me was, I immediately recognized from my technical college studies that his sequence graph illustrated a square wave, saw tooth wave and triangular wave forms that were exactly the same as electronic sounds produced for the reed, string, and wind instruments on an oscilloscope. I was able to produce the text on the subject that illustrated the wave forms from my archived “mini moog” files.

I was truly amazed when ted demonstrated his invention in my shop he calls ledtricity, he built the device based on his math sequence, it’s a small high frequency ac electrical generator, and amazingly its output current produced the same wave forms, square wave for negative and triangular wave for positive connected to my own oscilloscope! Its hum sound matched major harmonic music notes at certain relative speeds or rpm’s using a digital tuner (as per Bristow math) ted calibrated it at 432 hertz or concert A. This is outlined in his sequence as perfect pitch.

I have been impressed to find the many parallels in Teds’ video to music and the physics of sound creation regarding harmonic structure and spectral content of waveforms. It also relates perfectly to the basics of western music and harmony with a simple graph and basic math.

I believe Teds’ “wheel of music” will be of great value to any music student learning basics of harmony, scales and chords. It clearly goes beyond the normal circle of fifths. I feel confident that the Bristow sequence and the Bristow wheel of music discoveries will be future educational text, that’s why Janis music co distributes the DVD documentary and other Bristow products coming soon.

My background is over 40 years in music and 25 as a professional musician specializing in sound synthesis. I studied electronics at Humphreys College. I’ve spent 20 years as an electronics technician running my own shop that focused on audio equipment calibration and repair.

Best wishes
George Janis

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